Guam-My Life As A Military Child


My Life As A Military Child
Rylee Castro

My life as a military child isn’t all you think. There are some privileges to it though. For example, my family was given a chance to enroll at a school that has a lot to offer. Also, you get to see many different places all around the world. There are a lot of privileges for a military child, but let’s talk about my school.

My school is really amazing. There are many people at my with different cultures. At my school we are also able to use different technology and resources that other schools might not have. There are even special groups in my school that allow children to express themselves. Our school is pretty awesome to many people.

There’s also a hard part about being a military child. We have to deal with deployment. It is very hard. Mainly because our parents could be sent somewhere for a longtime, and it could be very dangerous there. Even though it’s tough, we know our parents are doing something great for our country.

In conclusion, a military child’s life has its ups and downs. That’s good though. Because life wouldn’t be as fun without a rollercoaster ride of a life. That’s pretty much it about my life as a military child.