Seoul, Korea- Opportunities in the Military


Opportunities in the Military
William Snodgrass III
Seoul, Korea

My name is William Snodgrass and I am twelve years old. I live in Souel,South Korea and I go to Seoul American Middle School. ThHis is a story about me as a military child.

I was born in Monterey, California on April 20th ,2005. I wasborn two months early because my Mother had gestational diabetes. I almost died because my unbilical cord was in a knot and I had low blood sugar. My oldest sister and I was born on the same date. She was i 1994. I have two sisters and one younger brother.

After I was born we moved to New Jersey. My little brother was born there in 2007 and the we moved to Korea in 2008 We lived on a amybase In Seoulcalled Yongsan. We lived in Blackhawk Village for three years. We moved to Texas in 2011 and that is were my father retired from the army. He coutinued working for the army and moved back to korea in 2012. My family lives off base now ad still go to Deparment of defense School in Yongsan.

When we wer in Texas and in korea we would go camping. We would relax and have camfires and enjoyed having fun. At the Dodea Seoul American Middle School we have nice teachers who hellp us a lot. The mascot of our school is the Bulldogs, and I get extra help for my homework.  I is a great school.

Being a Military child is amazing because we have more opportunities. We have the oppertunity to travel and meet new people. We see new places and travel so much. We should thank our parents for the oppertunities they given us.