Seoul, South Korea-


Jacob Reese
Seoul, South Korea

I grew up in Georgia with my Mom, Dad, my dog, and one older brother and as a young kid, I thought nothing of it that my parents are in the military. I would just see my mom sometimes come pick me up from school in a camouflaged clothing. Then one day I realized someone said: “Thank You for your service” to my mom and being a little kid in elementary school I did not understand why he said it but as time went on I realized my mom is in the army and my dad used to be in the army. The summer after the second grade I moved for the first time in 7 years and it was a shock to me that all of my friends would be gone and my school would be different. When thinking about moving it was more about what I was leaving instead of what I was going to. My brother was not as surprised as me because before I was born he moved a lot with my Mom and Dad so he was more surprised that we did not move earlier. When my mom told us that we were moving to Kentucky I thought of television shows and deadly snakes.


Moving was just like traveling but you do not go back to your house to live there anymore but we did travel a lot when we lived in Georgia mostly by driving sometimes we would fly. So it was not as bad as I thought to move to a new place. Our house was inside of a figure eight and there was an opening on the right side and my school was down the street from my house. It was easy for me to walk to school for the first time in 7 years I got to walk to school from my house. One of the best things happen at the school I went to was that I meet my one of my best friend there. The best part was that he like similar things that I liked. Before the winter the public pool would allow dogs to swim there and we brought our dog to swim and he had a lot of fun but there were a lot of dogs there which was amazing. After a year of fun in Kentucky we had to move again but this time it was to Kansas.


Kansas was different to move there but I really like it because I got to ride and take care of horses there. The house we lived in was on a hill and it was different to live on a hill like that one. Even in Kansas, the school was in walking distance but a little bit farther than my school in Kentucky. The highlight of being there was the stables because there were horses a lot of them. The horses were fun to ride and watching them run around in the arena area. There was a weird thing about the school there were only 3 fourth grade teachers but I got used to it. There was an amazing swimming pool that had a high diving board and a low diving board I used both of them a lot and it was really fun to play at the pool. Just living in Kansas was a lot of fun but the best part was going to Germany for the first time. The reason we were going to Germany was because we were going to visit my friend from Kentucky because he moved there and we were out of school. Germany was really fun and we went to amazing places like a mall that was really tall and we went to a castle that was cool. That was probably one of the best parts of moving to Kansas. Again we moved a year later and next was South Korea.


   This was a bigger shock than moving in the states because I have never lived out of the United States before moving to Korea but I did visit overseas 2 times before. When my mom told me that the flight was 14 hours long I was surprised because I did not realize that there was a flight that went that long. It was a really long flight but I was not that tired when I got there. When we were on the bus that would bring us to the base and I would see all of these different signs that were in different languages that I could not understand. When we got to our house it was amazing because we could see Seoul tower from our rooms. A lot of the time when I am at home I forget that I am in another country than America. The best part about moving to Korea I got stay in one place for more than one year from my first time moving ever. Finally, after two years in South Korea, I have to move again but I had so much fun moving to all of my other homes I really think the next place we are moving to is going to be fun.


After moving to 4 different places in 5 years it is really fun to try new experiences and not so exciting to leave friends that you may not see again but I will always be happy that I’m a military child. The best part about being a military child for me is moving because of all the new experiences that come with it. I was luck when I was born I was not moving at all for a long time but once we started moving it was different at first but I got used to it.Being a military child could've been the best thing I am a part of.