Seoul, south korea -My military friend and her dad


My military friend and her dad
Tiffany Patton
Seoul, south korea

  Even though i'm not a military child i still feel emphathy for my friend who is. I'm only a civilian but I can imagine what it was like to be a child from the military. This is about my friend Bella, who right now lives in the U.S and the relationship with her dad and family. Life can be hard to be a military child, especially if your family is away. So here's the story. 

My friend Bella had to spend months almost a year without her dad because he went to somewhere for his military things. He was gone for many months. Can you imagine months without your dad and mom for like almost ever. So she had to live life for a while without her shining armor. 

she's in my girl scouts so i talked to her alot and she talked about her dad alot. She missed him alot. i can feel her pain even though i never been though that i bet she did feel sad. However that was soon gonna change for her. 

Her dad was coming back. The day she and her brother and even her mom was waiting for. it was durng the girl scouts awards, pretty cool. i remember them giving him a big hug. Many people cried knowing the sacrifice that not only their family but many families had to go through with a family member. In the end we all gave a sallute to honor what he did.

So even though I never experience being a military child, the experience i had with my friend and how she was strong by keeping a smile everyday and having happy thoughts even when her family was away. It was  a beautiful moment for her and her family that they could be with ones they love. So it was a memory they could never forget.