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Thankful for the Military

Allison Draney


Mrs. Freeman

Thankful for the Military

Well, this basically is a Thanksgiving writing because my teacher told me to write about something I’m thankful for. And, don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for a lot of things, like food or water, but I’m going to be focusing on one thing. And that one thing is the military. The military has done a lot of things for us, like actually provide us with money for important resources we need, and they fight for us. Personally, I think one of the most important things they do is fight. Because even if they don’t want to fight, they do which is a really brave thing they do. My dad is a part of the Air Force. He packs parachutes. Even for just packing parachutes, it’s really dangerous. When my dad and the people he works with are packing the parachutes, they need to focus because if they don’t pack the parachute correctly, the person who jumps with it may die. So he has a really important job to fulfill. I am proud to have a parent in the military.

There are some things that are hard to deal with as a military child though. Like when your dad goes TDY or deploys, that’s hard for me. Or when you have to move somewhere different and start a new school and get new friends. But I try to be strong just like my dad, and try to be brave just like him. Sometimes though, it is hard to be brave. When I figured out we were moving to Japan, I was devastated. But I realized I needed to be brave, just like the people in the military are when they have to leave. That got me stronger and I brightened up, just a little though, as I was still sad. But now that I am here in Japan, and I found new friends and a good school, I want to stay here. But I know we are leaving, and now I don’t think about leaving my friends, getting new ones and adjusting to a new school. I think about being brave and strong like everyone in the military is.

And now, as we are getting near to the end of this paper, I am going to give an acrostic poem to all of those military children, and all of those military men and women that need motivation.

Believe in yourself

Eliminate all negativity

Be yourself

Reign in positivity

Always try hard


Encourage others like you encourage me

Stay awesome (and healthy)


Always there for others

You are your own hero

Super heroes couldn’t be better


Reach your own expectations not other peoples

Only you can judge you

Never give up

Give don’t take

Now take care military children, be brave stay strong, even if hard times come stay strong. You too, military men and women, you are appreciated by a lot of military children everywhere!

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