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Arianna-Stearley Heights Elementary School-Okinawa

Arianna Chambers


An Unordinary Life

Why is my life different than others? Well that would because of my family I am the second youngest out of 5 kids and third if you count my dog.

Now let me tell you about my family I am 10 ¾ years old my Husky is currently 1 and is my best friend that helps me with hard times. My dad is in the air force and flies helicopters while my mom is a stay home mom.

She’s not like most moms because she helps my family when my dad is away. My dad has been deployed many times and the hardest was when he deployed for a whole year in Qatar. He missed a lot when he was gone he missed my baby sisters first steps and 1st birthday. My family has been through a lot within the military.

When we moved from Alabama to New Mexico I lost my passion in softball which is something that I was good at and enjoyed. So far I’ve lived in 5 different places Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Alabama, New Mexico and now here Okinawa, Japan. The summer I moved to Japan we went back to the states to visit family there. I did not know I was going to visit my friends until I recognized the place we were at. Before I moved to Japan my dog died then I had thought I had lost everything but I didn’t, I had my family there with me supporting me the whole time. When I came to Okinawa I found another passion with gymnastics. You would think your family has the time to come and watch you but, mine did not. My dad has only gone to one practice and my mom two. There’s advantages and disadvantages to being a military child.

There always so busy so I usually play with my friends and I get lots of friends every time I move. My family is very lucky we get to do things that most others don’t get to.

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