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Amberlynn-Kinser Elementary School-Okinawa, Japan

Amberlynn Moran

Okinawa, Japan

What It Means to Be A Military Child

Being a military child is sometimes hard. You must move every couple of years and leave most everything behind. I used to live in Arizona with my grandma, I've always lived there. My mom married my stepdad and we moved here to Okinawa. It was hard leaving my friends and family. At first, I kind of hated being a military child. When we got here, we had to be in quarantine for 2 weeks, I was so bored. But when our Furniture and stuff came, I wasn’t anymore. After quarantine, we started to go to the park next to our apartment. I was now starting to actually like Okinawa. In fact, I loved it so much! It was my first time being on base. And I loved it! When I went to school, I was really shy. Until people started talking to me. I gained more and more friends and started to become more confident and braver. I knew once in a while, I had to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. So, I started to talk to more people, and I had lots of friends. Some moved but I got over it. Being a military child can be tough at times. But give it some time and you will love it, like me. If I had the choice, I wouldn't change a thing.

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