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Curtis -Iwakuni Middle School-Iwakuni

Curtis Brown


My Military Life

Life of a military child isn’t easy to get used to, especially when you're so young. But we have to stay strong and keep our chin up, for our parents who fight equally hard for this country. My life as a military child has been just like the others, traveling different places, constantly meeting new people, and family members leaving you for jobs. So far I’ve been in three places being Iwakuni, Tokyo, and Atsugi, all of which have a military base. So, I haven’t really moved far away to the point where the places I visit feel completely different so I might’ve had it easy. I was born in Iwakuni and for three years I attended Japanese school and made many friends their. It wasn’t long though, before I had to move somewhere else being Atsugi. I don’t really remember why we moved there, maybe because they needed more tropes but when we left a place for the first time it was hard because that meant I had to leave behind all my friends and places I knew for so long.

When we came to Atsugi I had a hard time adapting to the new place, and the fact that I had to now learn English didn’t make it any better. It was a rough time but I didn’t give up, I knew that this probably wouldn’t be the last time this happens. So instead of whining about it, I tried to get used to this lifestyle. I wasn't completely used to it, probably even now but after working hard to learn English and the ways of military life I felt much less pain over the situation I was in. Later on after four years I moved on to Tokyo where nothing notable took place. Moving to a new place was still hard to adapt but nowhere near as harsh as it felt before. Not just that, we only stayed there for about one year, after that we moved back to Iwakuni where I haven’t moved anywhere yet. Being a military child was hard but I always remember that in the end we have to keep a straight face for our parents who are working harder and doing all this for our sake.

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