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Imari-Seoul American Elementary School-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

Being a military child has not been that hard for me so far. I get to go to new countries, see new things, and meet new people. There are hard stuff like moving from friends and going to a new school. My dad is in the military and we moved to Korea. We made lots of new friends and learned new things. We learned how to make our new food like kimchi and kimbap. But it was hard moving. I have two siblings, a sister and a baby brother. When we got to the airport my sister was sad and had tears, while my brother stayed asleep.

My dad had to go first, so it was hard for my mom to get both of the two dogs and the three kids. But we made it! As soon as we got to the house we slept! It took three months for our stuff to make it. Finding a house was not easy. My dad looked at a lot of apartments. Our dogs needed a place to go out and use the bathroom. You should try going to the city because there are a lot to do like eating street food and going to the mall and lots more.

I was in grade three at the time, so it was not a problem by the time I got to Korea the school year was almost over. We had a big party at the end. When I got to grade 4 I got nervous, to go on the base you have to have an ID to go through the gate. There were a lot of new changes. All in all, I like that being a military child since it lets me see the world and I hope to see more in my life.

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