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Lucas-Humphreys Central Elementary School-Humphreys, Korea

Lucas D.Torres

Humphreys, Korea

A Day in the Life of Lucas

So, I wake up in the morning and get ready for school but my Dad is already at work. Sometimes he is sleeping in but mostly at work already. So I go to school but when I get to school I remember that my Dad is in a bunker for 2 weeks. That may be a lot of weeks for the people reading this but it really isn't for me because my Dad goes to a lot of places because he's stationed for a few weeks. So it's normal for me for him to go to places. I don't see him a whole lot but sometimes when he is home we go to a lot of places like malls and theme parks but not all days.

When I was coming here, it didn't really affect leaving the place I lived because I usually move a lot. I don't really have time to get normal with where I live but I don't really care a lot because then I get friends. Friends are the real reason that makes me like the place but since I'm a military child I have to let go at one point.

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