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Oliver-Kinser Elementary School-Okinawa, Japan

Oliver Nelson

Okinawa, Japan

What it means To Be A Military Child

Hello, I am Oliver Nelson, I am here to tell you about life as a military child. Being a military child means that you will get to visit super cool places, but you also have to get a new room every 2 years. That sounds fine but you will have to leave behind your old friends, community, and school. Being a military child allows you to live on a base and be protected in a gated community. Being a military child also lets you experience new things and activities. One thing you have to know though is your mom or dad will sometimes have to get deployed. This means they will have to leave the state or country to work in different places and you cannot go with them. Your parents will not spend a lot of time at home but more time at work. On base, you will have access to things you wouldn't have in your neighborhood. These things are pools, skateparks, and child fun centers like a USO. We have grocery stores but also places called Exchanges. These places have all the necessities that you will need. As a military child, you can also explore different bases with your military ID, for example, I live on Kinser, but I can go to Foster and Kadena with my military ID. Thank you and that’s what life’s like as a military child.

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