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I Am Special

Hello, my name is Mackenzy Mullins. I’m a military child. My dad used to be in the Army. He is retired now. When he was in the Army, my father would fight in wars with his other army brothers to protect our freedom. When I was one, my dad almost died from a bomb in a war, but he’s okay now. I love being a military child because I am happy to go to many amazing places. I've been to Germany, Japan, Colorado, Texas, Europe, and many other beautiful places. I love trying new things everywhere! Some new things I have tried are pretzels from Germany, delicious ramen and tasty miso soup from Japan, juicy steak from Texas, and tomato pasta. I love meeting new people like my teacher Mrs. Colar and my friends Arianna, Gabby, Jack, Karmen, Davina, and Brie.

I love being a military child!

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