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My Life as a Military Child

My life as a Military child has been a little bit difficult, I have been moving after 3 years all my life. Why do we rotate stations like this? Sometimes I cry in my room, all because I miss my best friend. She moved and we have different time zones, we miss each other daily but she’s all the way in Virginia. I wish I didn’t have the hurt that I have now, but there are good things too. Like, sometimes we move where we can go to the pool, even in winter! I do like how in Germany the snow is so soft, it feels like I’m up in the sky touching a cloud.

It’s my birthday today, and I am all so joyful that there are other kids who get how I feel. When I am down, people are always there for me. No matter what mood, or place I’m in, people are always there to pick me up. I love writing and painting sunsets when I’m bored, and I love watching TV with my family. My little brother and I sometimes fight, but I love him no matter what. So, I guess it isn’t all bad, at least I have great friends and family who support and love me with all their hearts.

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