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My Life as a Military Child

Some memories I have of being a military child: my dad was deployed and I was with my grandparents. It was my birthday. And I was at a place I called the train playground because it was shaped like a train, and I was going to have my birthday party there. We were getting everything ready and we had finally had everything ready and then it started raining and we had to pack everything up and go back home, and then my mom had the best idea ever. She suggested that we have the birthday party inside of my grandparents 2 story house, and so when we got home my mom texted everyone that it got changed and it was moved to my grandparents. When we got to the house we went straight to work on getting everything ready. Yet again we brought out toys and party decorations and then we finally got everything ready. Everyone arrived, I really enjoyed myself, I got a good amount of presents but most of all my friends were and when the day was over I went to bed with a smile on my face.

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