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My Life as a Military Child

Being in the military is an awesome but awful experience. You get to go to new places and experience new things, but leaving your friends is not fun.When I moved to North Carolina my dad was gone for seven months. I was so sad. I was young but I still knew what being away from my dad was like, it was not a good feeling. When I lived in my second house in North Carolina I was finally in military housing, so I was able to go outside. I learned everyones name that lived there, I mean everyones. People there taught me how to ride a bike and were so nice to me. So when we moved I was sad. Being a military kid is not bad, it's just it can be very hard having to be away from friends and family but when life gives you lemons you just gotta make lemonade. You're definitely gonna want to give up because being away from your friends is hard. I recently learned that we’re moving to Pennsylvania and it was number 42 on the list but then we looked the place up and it is where the little league is being held. There are also a bunch of other things for my brother, my sister, my mom and even my dad. This shows you that it doesn’t matter where you go, you have to find the good things in life. All of these things show what being a military child is all about.

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