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2023/Caelan -21244

Where I’m From (Inspired By George Ella Lyon)

I am from where the Lincoln Memorial still stands,

from the Washington Monument and National Mall.

I am from the White House under the bright cyan sky.

(Cherry, Blossoms, it tasted like sour candy.)

I am from the stars and the stripes

the red, white, and blue

whose Land of the Free I remember

as if it were my own.

I’m from the Stay-at-Home and “I love you.”,

from innocent hugs and kisses.

I’m from the determined and the


from creative and caring!

I’m from technology

with a keyboard and mouse

and ten games I can play myself.

I’m from the yin and yang,

the inquisitive and the energetic worker.

From the friends I lost

to the new ones I made,

used to keep me calm.

Under my bed was a metal safe,

spilling creativity,

a river of ideas

to drift beneath my dreams.

I am from those moments-

In purple before I became a dandelion-

I am a magnet bound to the family tree.

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