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Melanna ...

Where I’m From (Inspired By George Ella Lyon)

I am from the flowing river that touches many lands,

from Mount Vernon gun fires and the Alamo.

I am from the joyful picnics under the sweet smelling sakura trees

(warm apple pie, delectable kolaches, it tasted like home.)

I am from America’s Fruit Basket

the place of my origin

whose massive suspension bridge I remember

as if it were my own.

I’m from the Razorbacks and the Saint Louis Cardinals,

from Lt. Colonel and Space Force.

I’m from a loving family and

amazing friends.

From “I love you” and “Great Job!”

I’m from momentous page turners

with a story to share

and ten of those tales I can read myself.

I’m from exquisite dogwood and sweet-scented magnolias,

silky smooth kimonos and riggity, rackety cable cars.

From the friends lost

to the PCS, and the text messages

supposed to keep me in touch.

Under my bed is a clear, enthralling stream

spilling purple stones of memories,

a fluffy cloud of both the good and the bad

to drift beneath my dreams.

I am from those moments-

lost before they were found-

I am a dandelion moving with the family tree.

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