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Military Kids and Butterflies

A few years ago, shortly after my family moved to Italy I wanted to try something new, so I decided to paint. Since then I have loved creating new things with my watercolors. I wanted to paint something that truly showed what it is like to be a military kid. I decided to paint a magnificent butterfly.

Butterflies go through tremendous changes in their lifetimes. Caterpillars become completely unrecognizable, yet no one mourns the caterpillar's change to a butterfly. The change that butterflies go through is difficult but essential to their life cycle. That change makes them more than they ever could be as a caterpillar. They have become a newer and better version of themselves.

A definition of change is an act or process through which something becomes different. This could be the definition of any military kid's life. We live in a constant state of change. For many of us, our lives become completely different every couple of years. Not only has our home changed, but we have too. We become a new and better version of ourselves. In some ways, we are the same, but in other ways, we are changed. After each move, I picked up new hobbies, made new friends, and learned new things.

Change is hard, but after I struggled through it, things always got better, slowly but surely. I can now see that change is good for me. No matter what, every move will be hard, and I will never truly get over the fear of change, but I can know that change will help me grow.

I want to suggest a different definition for the same word change: To replace something with something that is newer or better than before. Just like butterflies, change is what makes military kids so magnificent.

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