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Darrien C...

Military Life of Moving

When I was a child I never thought that I would once be out of my comfort zone all the way in Germany. Let alone anywhere else in America ever since I became a military kid my life has changed drastically. Around four years ago I was living with my mom in California and I enjoyed my school and friends. This is also around the time my mom met my step-dad. My brother Dawson and I got close with my step-dad and we really enjoyed his company, then my mom decided that we would move in and live with him. He lived in Huntington Beach and we lived in Covina this meant I had to move to a whole new place and restart all the years I had of making friends. This took effect on me and I felt sad and alone but later found out it became one of my best experiences. I took this opportunity to get a fresh start as my grades were slipping in the other school I was determined to stay focused and which I did do and it felt amazing. Most of the time I felt stress free I had new friends and I was about to start high school a whole new world. When I moved to high school I had some great core memories I won 3rd in the state for wrestling and I was hanging out with my friends on the weekend life was good. Until later that year when my freshman year I found out I was moving to Germany my heart dropped. A new school is one thing but a whole new country with different laws and cultures was very overwhelming as my peers said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity I did not feel that way at all. I packed my bags and said my goodbyes later that summer to all the friends and places I came to love and got ready for my journey to Germany. Starting school here was probably the worst of it all I felt alone, outcasted, odd one out. I didn't feel as if I fit in I had no idea who anyone was and didn't really have the courage to talk to anyone either. That is until I met some of my best friends today they talked to me and helped me through the tough times of getting used to this new environment. As of now, I am 6 months of living here in Germany in my sophomore year as I also have to graduate here. It is definitely way different than I imagined and not as bad as I thought I still really miss home but I'm sure this place will also grow on me. Moving as a Military child is an emotional roller coaster and since I'm still finding out who and what I want to be. It is difficult at times but never impossible. Seek the best in situations given to you and you will receive the best that they give back.

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