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Josef B...

50th Year Legacy

Fifty years have come and gone, and here we stand

Reflecting on the memories of a storied past so grand

Yokota High School, a place of cherished fame

Where we laughed and cried, and overcame

From humble beginnings, we have blossomed and grown

Into a school of excellence, widely known

For friendships true and achievements high

And a spirit that will never die

Our halls have welcomed countless faces

From all cultures, races, and diverse places

But united we stood, beneath the rising sun

Proud of our school, and what we had begun

We remember the teachers who kindled our fire

The coaches who encouraged and never did tire

Of inspiring us to do our best

And of instilling in us a spirit of zest

As we celebrate this golden year of our school's legacy

We honor those who came before, and the ones yet to be

And we pledge to uphold the spirit that they brought

To Yokota High School, a home in which we were taught

So here's to the past, the present, and the future we see

To the lessons learned, adventures had, and the growth that will be

To the triumphs, challenges, and memories we've made

In Yokota High School, a legacy that will never fade

We'll always cherish this place so dear

And hold its spirit forever near

For in our hearts, it will always be

Yokota High School, our legacy.

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