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Life as a Military Child

Life as a Military Child

We celebrate month of the military child to recognize military kids for their bravery and sacrifice. Even tho April is considered “Month of the Military Child,” Military families will stick with this title throughout the whole year. Families are constantly being separated, wither its moving, deployment, or changing schools. These situations may be traumatic for children who aren’t in the military community. Although, for military children this might be the only way of life they know.

Moving schools might have a negative impact on some, but it may also have a positive effect on others. Many people love making new friends, and meeting new people. Even though there is usually anxiety that comes with moving, a new living environment can be very exciting. Moving could bring a new cultural experience to many, For example; you can see new things, learn new languages, and try new foods.

Strength and flexibility are common words used in the military community. As a military child you have to be flexible and strong, bouncing back from tough situations. When I say “tough situations” I mean, moving suddenly or deploying parents. Most kids that aren’t in Military families don’t understand what its like not having both parents home.

To conclude, life as a military child can be tough for some people. Its best to celebrate being a military child and having a positive attitude during the low times. Some children have only known life as a military child, and accept that their experience is no better than another family's experience. While there are challenges to military life, there are also many exciting opportunities.

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