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Joslyn H...

Life as a military child

I think it's cool being a military kid because I'm always moving and getting to travel and getting to experience different kinds of cultures. I also get to meet new people and go to new schools and make new friends. And I get to live in countries that other people dream of going to.

But it's also very hard to always be moving. I have to leave my friends behind and it's always hard saying bye. And it's nice to meet new people but it's also hard. And once you make friends in 1-2 years you have to leave them and travel to a new state or country and to a new school with new people and new friends. And it's also hard being far from your family and not being able to see them a lot.

But it's been really nice having lots of amazing people come into my life. And without my parents being in the military that wouldn't have happened. And I think making new friendships has been my favorite part of being a military kid. And all of the chances I have to make more friendships. Even though it's the hardest part it's also the best part.

And I think it's really cool and amazing that I have the chance to experience the culture in different countries. I get to try new foods, see and meet new people, hear different kinds of music , and different languages. And all just because of my parents' jobs. So I think being a military kid is really nice, and I really like it.

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