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Being a Military Child

I am a military child. I live with my dad, he is an active duty service member because he works for the Army. My mom, my big sister and my little brother live with me. My life compared to a non-military child is very different because I have to move a lot. My parents are from Puerto Rico, but I was born in Belair, MD. Then we lived in Hinesville, GA, El paso, TX and Hudson, NH. Now, we live in South Korea.

What I like the best about being a military child is meeting new people around the world. I like seeing military police at the gate because it makes me feel safe. Also, a good thing I like about moving is traveling to other countries, learning new languages and building friendships with other military families, the locals and kids. However, being a military child can be hard. I feel sad when we move often, because I have to leave friends behind or when my dad has to leave for a long time. A challenge is the work schedule, because it changes all the time. Sometimes my dad has to work night shifts or leave really early in the morning and I don't get to see him much. Then, there's a possibility your parents might go on a dangerous mission or even come back home injured. During these times, my family prays for everyone in the mission to come back home safely.

Finally, being a military child might seem hard or scary. But it's actually really fun to travel, meet new people and new places. Being a military child I have learned to be responsible for my actions, be clean and follow directions. For these reasons I wouldn't change it for anything. I love being a military child.

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