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I Am

I am kind, helpful, smart, and funny. I wonder what it will be like if the “impossible” came true. I hear keys clicking and a rhythm in my head. I see the wonderful world around me. I want to always be happy and proud of myself and my choices.

I am a girl of Generation Alpha.

I pretend my stuffed animals are real so I can talk to them about everything I can’t say to a person. I feel many feelings. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I touch pages in a book that build my knowledge. I worry about what people say or think about me. I cry when something is unfair.

I am a girl of Generation Alpha.

I understand that I am not perfect, but I still try everything to my full potential. I say many words, sometimes in Chinese or Korean. I dream about the future, the past, and making a huge difference.I try my hardest to do what's right, be helpful, prioritize my time, and be happy.I hope someday, all my dreams will come true.

I am a girl of Generation Alpha.

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