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2024/Hunter -

Being a Military Child

My name is Hunter and I’m a military child. Being a military child is fun because of all the cool things we get to do, but there are some bad parts too.

We have to leave all of our friends and go somewhere new sometimes. One time when I had to leave kindergarten with a lot of friends.

Our parents have to go or we have to leave a different state or leave our cousin’s or

Grandparents. We have a favorite food and we have to leave. One time my dad had to stay

In japan.

We have to leave our teacher and go to a harder grade. One time I had to leave my teacher and went somewhere new without my friend’s.

When we move we sometimes have a good teacher and we

can travel to different places. One time when I was in California I had to go to japan.

We can go visit our cousin and visit friends and family. One time I could get extra

money from my mom and dad from being a military child.

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