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Leilani Z...

Life of a military child

Being a military child is not that different from being a regular child. There are some pros and cons to being a military child. The pros would be traveling and seeing new things. You also get to meet new people and try new foods. However, there are very few cons such as moving away from family and friends and restarting your life every three years. Most people say it sounds like fun, but it can start to get tiring and making you feel like not wanting to move anymore. Sometimes you wish you could settle down and grow up with the same people; you wish you were a normal kid. It's okay to feel that way; a lot of kids do. But some kids do enjoy moving and seeing new things. People think that moving all the time is weird, which it can be, but after a while, you start to get used to it. People always ask something like “How do you do it?” and you never really know how to answer because to you it's normal. It is okay to feel different as a military child because no one besides another military kid will understand. The best thing is getting to travel at such a young age so that you can brag about it and say you've already been there while most kids have to wait till they're older to go.

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