Guam-My Life as a Military Child


My Life as a Military Child
Vance Meno

Being a military child has some ups and downs. It is mostly good though. The feeling that your mom or dad is in the military is good. It feels like there is something unique and different about you. You could also get stuff that people that are not in the military can't get.

There are some advantages of being a military child and one of them is being allowed to get on base. There are a lot of big food places like the commissary. The commissary has cheaper food than off base food. The base also has a place to buy items and basically anything. The places are called the Exchange and the NEX.

There are also some other advantages. Some other advantages are that on base gas cost less than off base gas. Also to get into the base there is a gate that people that are not in the military can't get into. So, to get pass people will need to go around it, which will take longer.

Being a military child is fun and has some advantages. The bad thing about being a military child is that you don't get military access all your life, unless you're married to the person in the military. When you turn 22 you sadly don't get military access unless you pay.