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Alyssa-Seoul American Elementary School-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

To be a military child is hard because my parents work in different places. I have to study hard, be good at math, read history books, and be intelligent. I also have to choose a career on base when I grow up.

My dad works in a Korean hospital off base. My mom is a civilian that works in the Brian Allgood Community Hospital on base where my school is. My positive experience being around military students and teachers is about making friends and learn new things. My negative experience is that being in a problem. We all should study hard. School is an awesome place for military students to learn what to do when they grow up. School is awesome and cool!

My positive experience about moving is going to a new place. My negative experience is that I will never see my friends again once they move. My positive experience having access on base is that I can explore new stores. My negative experience is that some are boring. Exploring is fun!

My mom is a patient advocate in the Brian Allgood Community Hospital. She said, “I must work here for the military!”. She must have trained a lot to work there! My mom is a very, very awesome person! She must know her rights to work in the Brian Allgood Community Hospital.

My dad is a doctor and a professor at the same time. He must be great at math so he got that job. My dad must be working hard in the hospital off base. He sometimes comes home early, but he also sometimes come home late. My dad is a hardworking person.

Being a military child is hard work. I will have to study about wars and soldiers to understand the people that worked hard for freedom. If there are any young students that are curious about biography, I will study then answer their question. My opinion being a military child is cool~~because I could go both on base and off base. I like to travel on base because there are cool houses and backyards.

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