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Amaya-Seoul American Elementary School-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

The Life of a MILITARY Child

Hi my name is Amaya and I think that it is hard for my Dad to be in the military, because he has to choose between going to the field or to work on our birthday. Then you move a lot, but when you move, you go to different places around the world. It’s also very hard to keep on moving around the world and leaving family and friends.

The good part is that you get to go places like South Korea and Germany. Then when you move you get to see different cultures and their countries. It's also good because you get to go on to base and DoDEA schools. After that you meet other kids that know what it is like to have a/both parent(s) in the military.

The best part about moving is that you always will have new adventures even if it is the same place that you are going to. Also wherever you go, you will meet amazing fun new people. You also get to go live in places and countries that most other people don’t get that chance in their whole life.

The worst part about moving is that you have to start with no friends at the new place you are in. Then you have to get a house to live in. Also if you have a pet, you need more money on that. You also have to go to a whole new school that may be an hour away. You then don’t see your family and friends. Then if you are bullied no one wants to stand up for you because they don’t know you.

The best part about being a military child is that you go to places all over the world. Then other people go to the places as an adult and you did it as a kid. You also get to see the inside of a place people only see in the news or outside of it. You are surrounded by kids that move like you and have the understanding that kids that don’t have parents in the military. You are also never in danger because everyone around you is like a big family, so you can trust everyone.

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