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Brendan Parrow


what is it like to be a military kid?

what is it like to be a military kid?

They are strong and they are resilient. They are adaptable. They are well-travelled and fiercely patriotic. They are bright, inquisitive and eager to help out, whether that is at home or in their communities. They have advantages many kids do not: parents with jobs and steady incomes, health care, safe housing, good education systems and access to early intervention programs,But they are also children, and they are navigating a new and strange world of school and sports Growing up is hard. It is scary. It is easy for kids to lose their way. And life can become harder and scarier when kids have to move every three years or when their parents miss portions of their childhoods because they are regularly deployed. And it becomes twice as hard when those parents come home changed from post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injuries As a whole, their future is bright, and driven by their parents' examples of selfless service, many Army kids are already doing impressive things in their communities. I do enjoy being a military kid there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to it.

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