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Coltin-Lester Middle School-Okinawa, Japan

Coltin Young

Okinawa, Japan

How is it hard being a military child?

Being a military child can be fun but it’s also hard. It is hard being a military child because if you move you don’t get to see your family or friends. If your parents are divorced then you might not be able to see your dad or mom. When and if you move you might just have your parents with you not any of the rest of your family. Some people have to move more than just once so if you have friends in one place then you have to move again you have to make new friends. So with me I have moved once and I only get to see my family in the summer. Being in a different country than my family I always worry that something bad is going to happen to them and I can’t be there to help and it makes me feel that if something happened it would be my fault for not being there.

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