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Ellie-Humphreys Central Elementary School-Humphreys, Korea

Ellie Tipton

Humphreys, Korea

My Life as a Military Child

Me and my family live a military life. My Dad is in the Air Force so that means we always have to move. We are always going on airplanes and I have to say goodbye to my friends. One time, I remember that we spent 4 years in England and I thought that we were going to stay there forever. But after the four years we left. We had to go to the airport and I admit it was pretty stressful. We arrived at the airport in Holloman but after we were there for a while my dad deployed for a year. It made me really sad. We still have upsides like when I get to talk to my dad on the phone. Also, my new friends at school were there to comfort me. After a year in Holloman we moved again. This time it was to move to Korea. That's where I am now and I have many friends. Korea is really nice. We get to spend one more year until I have to move again but until then I get to hang out with friends. Sometimes military life is hard but just know there are people and friends that can make you feel happy that you would've never met if you weren't a military child. Sometimes I feel sad but living a military child life is really great!

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