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Ellie Rose-DGF Rota Elementary School (Sure Start)-Rota, Spain

Ellie Rose Ramos Roney

Rota, Spain

Strong, Brave and Tough

Hi! I am Ellie. I am almost 5 years old and I live in Rota Spain for more than a year now. I was born in South Korea and I had live to 4 different countries.

South Korea, Philippines, United States and now Spain. Being a Military Child helps me understand more culture and gave me more opportunities to make friends from different part of the world.

I also learned how to be Strong, Brave and Tough during those times my Daddy is away.

I learned that to survive means also to adapt. Having more experience means new learning and adventures. I love to learn new culture, New language, And to immerse to wherever place we would be.

I am a Proud Military Brat! ❤️

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