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Eunseo-Seoul American Elementary School-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

The Military Child

Hello my name is Eunseo, I am in 4th grade. My dad is in the military so we have been stationed in Korea and Germany. Also I traveled all over Seoul, Tokyo and Hawaii where I learned different cultures. I have good memories and also have bad memories of leaving friends.

I was born in Germany when my family was stationed in Germany. I don’t remember much of Germany because my family had to move to Korea when I was 6 months old. All my families are born in Korea except for me. I am the only one who was born in Germany.

I traveled to Japan and Hawaii a couple of times. My family flew Space A flights and military airplanes. Because my dad is in the military, so my family could ride in military airplanes. It was fun to ride military airplanes. The seats are on the side of the airplane and seats are almost empty so I could sit anywhere I want. I could walk around and see all the inside of the airplane.

Also, I am able to meet many friends in different states and different countries, while my family is stationed in many different places. I had friends in California, Oklahoma and Korea at Yongsan, Humphreys and Casey. I had really good memories with them, but also I have bad memories when I had to move to different places.

I lived in many different places like in Germany, Korea and different states while my dad is in military. My family traveled a lot of places while my family is stationed in Korea. I enjoy traveling and seeing all different things and learn all different cultures. I met many friends and I will make more friend in the future all over the world.

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