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Fatima-Vicenza Elementary School-Vicenza, Italy

Fatima Syla

Vicenza, Italy

The Experience of being a Military Child

The bus moves slowly as I look out the window all packed and ready to leave the one place I have lived most of my life in, Korea. As we arrive at the hotel in Italy I fall asleep exhausted but ready for what experience I will have in the future. The next day, we go out and explore the things around us. Grocery stores, and neighbors. It was a whole new world in my eyes.

Being a Military kid has lots of pros and cons. Although moving might be sad, it is great to experience new places and languages. I currently live in Vicenza, Italy because my dad (who works for the Military) is stationed there. It’s great living here.

Being a Military kid is also interesting and it makes an impact in my life. I was born in the United States but I didn’t live there long enough for me to remember anything. To me, it’s like I have never been to the U.S but, since I am a Military kid, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will go back.

Being a Military kid is also hard. For example, I have no family in the States. They all live in Dakar, Senegal, in Africa. The thing is that my dad has never been stationed in Africa and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a while until he does. But, I always visit my family there.

Living in Italy is also amazing because of their great food, amazing art, nice people and more.

Being a Military kid is wonderful. I thank the Military for everything. The help with wars, charity, people that need most and even people that don’t. It’s a really exciting, interesting, and amazing experience being a Military kid.

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