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Gillian-Seoul American Elementary School-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

Hello, my name is Gillian and I am a military child. Being a military child is fun going all around the world and meeting new people. It can also be hard too. You will move away from you friends and family. Also, all the new things like new languages and people that are from different cultures. Moving around the world has taught me a lot about different things and people.

Moving has made a big impact on my family’s and my life. It makes it better with the great friends in the DODEA school and on the military base. You will meet new people and make new friends everywhere you go around the world. I just always remember that people have done the same things I have to do. Being a military child is amazing because you can go around the world when you move.

The worst part about moving is leaving my peers. Also, another bad part is you don't know anyone in the new place you are going. Another bad thing about moving is you will not have your stuff for a while. There are also good things you will be able to tell people where you have been. A good thing is you get to go on adventures.

The military base is a good place because if I could not go here I would have to go to international school. Also, I have people I can talk to. They have many different things to do and clubs to join. Many people can help me and be my friend. Also, off base there are many fun and historic things that are part of Korea's history.

The DODEA school has been amazing. The schooling has been great. The school has great teachers and students that have amazing personalities. The school has a small community, so you probably know most people. A good thing about a small community is people will be there to help you. Being a military child can be fun!

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