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Greyson-Humphreys Central Elementary School-Humphreys, Korea

Greyson Williams

Humphreys, Korea

The Military Child

My life as a Military child is not fun because I’m always moving and leaving my friends. But it is cool because we go to new places like Hawaii and Colorado. And we also meet new people like my friends. Being a military kid is cool because you meet new people and go to new places. It might not be fun but we always appreciate what we have and love our life.

My dad is in the Army. There is also the Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard, and Marines. My Dad just got out of the quarantine barracks because he went to Texas for work. I’ve been to Korea, Kansas and Hawaii. A military child might think they are strong and courageous. But they are stronger together than alone. I have an older sister who is twelve years old. I am ten years old and she is two years older than me. Being a military child is not that fun but that is my life as a military child.

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