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Isabella-Shape American High school -Shape Belgium

Isabella McLeod

Shape Belgium

MOMC- Comparing Experiences

I have not been a military child for very long. Once I graduate from high school it would be around three years that I have experienced military life. When I compare my life to when I was not a military child to know, I can say, definitively, my life is more sheltered; but with the community and space, I do have access to it's very freeing and relaxed. Aside from the change in environment, the most profound thing I have noticed is that there is a stark contrast between the people I know and the connections I make with them. Each month I hear about who has left the community and who has joined it. Even though I get the privilege of making connections with individuals from all over the world, I have to be careful about how connected I get with each person. There are many positive and negative aspects of basic life situations that I was not expecting to have but am very grateful to get the experience. I am lucky to have the ability to compare both sides of life and think it is imperative to have a good understanding of the world you live in to know about different ways of living and understand how they respectively compare.

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