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James -Humphreys Middle School-Humphreys, Korea

James Adigun

Humphreys, Korea

My life as a military child

Hi my name is James.. I am going to tell you about my life as a military child. I would say my life is good and somewhat bad. My dad is in the military and he works early in the morning and late in the night. So I barely spend any time with him. Also, he always has to cover for people when they do not want to do their job. So he has to work extra because people are slacking off. Also one time when me and my family were in quarantine my dad kept on having so many phone calls and meetings. Aslo, whenever he is supposed to finish work he still goes back to the computer to work more . So I can't spend any time with him. Plus he is very strict. However, those were the bad things. There are plenty of good things. My dad provides my family water to drink and food to eat and I am very grateful for that. And sometimes he is very nice and likes to joke around when there is a holiday and he has no more work to do. Also on weekends he takes me and my family to fun places and he went to Springfield one time. Overall, my life as a military child has been pretty good and pretty bad. It has good days and bad days.

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