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Jordan -Humphreys Middle Schoo-Humphreys, Korea

Jordan Murphy

Humphreys, Korea

Life as a military child

I would say that it isn't bad but not the best,because you're learning less than you would in public school.Your travel is another thing because let's say you make some good friends but you would have to go somewhere else or a new duty station.Some perks are military hosted activities and you might get to move somewhere you like or have always wanted to go. You get military discounts on food like popeyes and little caesars pizza.You learn how to make friends easily if you travel a lot but that's for both sides.Military child you don't actually get a real home but you get you have an apartment.As I mentioned in the sentence before this you get an apartment apartment is small. I'm so if you're like my parents and you have a lot of kids this would not be good for you. So that's why being a military child isn't that good.A final perk of being a military child is not necessarily for Children but for parents. However many kids you have you get paid for each kid which helps with your paycheck. So this is my opinion about being a military child.

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