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Kaela-Lester Middle School-Okinawa, Japan

Kaela Dwyer

Okinawa, Japan


My stomach twisted into knots

As I tried desperately to get one last look

I sure do love my bestfriend lots

Maybe there is something I overlooked

Tears ran down my face creating a waterfall

We hugged each other wet face against wet face

I lost my usual protocol

We broke apart for breathing space

How am I supposed to leave my best friend?

She had been with me for 8 years through thick and thin

Is this how things are going to end?

Our friendship thrown in the bin

Suddenly we heard a noise we looked up

It is a Chinook The same heliocopter our dads met in

Was this set up?

Is this a sign? We all began to grin.

Is it a sign I will never know

But I believe we will see eachother again

Just thinking about it makes me glow

I will see her again even if it takes a train!

I looked up our eyes met

We both now understood there is no need to cry

I gave her a hug with no need to fret

Than me and Lucy said our final goodbyes

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