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Kaitlyn-Humphrey West Elementary-South Korea

Kaitlyn Nguyen

South Korea

How I live as a military child

Hello, My dad is a Major and he protects me and my family.My dad is the chief of microbiology at the hospital. Sometimes he practices with other soldiers with guns. That is why I find a helmet that is so hard in Dad's car. We travel a lot because my dad us part of the army. Sometimes when we travel I make friends but I always have to say goodbye to them because I had to travel a lot. Sometimes my dad has to go to different places by himself. I get bored without him and I miss him when he is away. Some people here in South Korea call my dad for information of Covid 19. The government payed us a lot of money for Covid 19. I'm happy that my dad is part of the military. When I get bigger, my dad will teach me how to use a gun. That's all, Baiiiiiii!

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