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Lalaine Dizon


Military Brat Life

You might be wondering, how fun is being a military brat? You get to travel to plenty places, see other cultures, speak different languages and meet all sort kind of people. However, it is not that easy to be a military brat. As a daughter of a US Navy veteran, I have found myself in one dark corner thinking where is my dad? I miss him an I want him to come back. I grew up in different types of the world. From Asia to Middle East and back to Asia and been visited the States quite a few times.

Pros of being a Military Brat; there are few. First, you will learn to adapt into new environment. For example, I went to four different high schools in my high school life. At first it was hard, but as more schools pass by, I learned to adapt and be part of the school and community. That being said, we can move on to second point, since you change school every year, that means you get to travel a lot! Traveling is fun because you can see the different parts of the world and what is it made of. Due to enormous travels, of course, you will meet a lot of people that can be your friend for today or can be your friend forever! Meeting all kinds of people are fun. When I was in the middle east, I often see people with their hijab on and I quickly appreciate how beautiful other cultures are. When you are a military brat, you get mature pretty easily. You have to, really.

Cons of being a military brat? Not a lot. Besides not having to see your father/mother for almost most of your childhood. My father was in the navy and spent most of his career in the sea. He was in the navy for 23 years, it was hard for my family of course, especially for my mother because she basically had to raise me and my brother alone. That being said, my father might have been far away from us but he was always in our heart and mind. My brother and I used to call him our hero, hence, he still is. As a military brat, you have to grow up faster and understand what is gong on. Another point is that, since you move to different schools, you always have to say good bye to your friends. I think as a teenager this is the most challenging part of being a military brat. I have met many people and became good friends to most. The hard part is, when you’re just starting to be friends with others, you already have to say goodbye because of how PCS works.

If you’ll ask me if I would want to switch the world around and have a choice of being a military brat or no, I would choose be a military brat. I am a very optimistic person and I look at things in positive way. It is fun to contribute on saving the country by loving and supporting your military father/mother. This has been a great journey for me and I know it has been for my parents as well.

In conclusion, I believe that we all have different lives but being a military brat keeps us all together and unite. I will always be proud of who I am and what I’m representing for. For our military heroes, thank you. You all have been great people.

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