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Lillian -Humphreys Middle School-Humphreys, Korea

Lillian Battcock

Humphreys, Korea

Military kids

Hi, I’m Lillian and these are some things I like and dislike about being a military child. First I will start with the things I like. My favorite part about being a military child is all the different people and places I get to meet and go to. I have lived in 7 different places, 2 of which were overseas. In Korea the food is good. My favorite is kalbi, a type of meat. Something else I like about Korea is the Korean traditional dress called Hanbok. Not a lot of people speak that much English here so I have been trying to learn some Korean.

Before I came to Korea I lived in Virginia. It was right next to Washington D.C. where there are a lot of monuments and museums which were cool to visit. Before Virginia I lived in California for 2 years. When I lived there I lived about 5 hours away from LA so sometimes we would go there to visit my grandparents. It was nice to live next to them because I don’t normally live close to my relatives.

Before I was in California I lived in Bahrain which is a very tiny island next to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. I liked the Mosques’ there because they were really pretty and after you went you could get henna done, a sort of temporary tattoo. I lived in California before that but I only have a few memories from there. I was born in Virginia but left when I was only 7 months old and then moved to Louisiana and then to California when I was about 2 which is why I don’t remember much from there. Really the only thing I dislike about being a military child is how many people I have said goodbye to. It is sad every time but eventually I get over it.

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