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Lillyne-Humphreys Central Elementary School-Humphreys, Korea

Lillyne Weber

Humphreys, Korea

How it is Being a Military Kid

I don't remember much but I know that my Dad was in the military.

I remember when I was little my Dad showed me his military outfit. He told me a little bit of his story about being in the military but I don't really remember much of what he said. I know my Dad told me that when he was in the military, he got hurt. He is fine now but the part where he got hurt, which I think it was his back, sometimes hurts. I love my Dad very much and yes he is not in the military any more. Before I moved to korea, I lived in georgia. Most of my family lived there too but some lived in Atlanta, not too far from Georgia. We travel a lot when we can. I’ve been to Jeju Island, Washington D.C., Saint Louis and some other places. I have 3 siblings. An

older brother age 14, an older sister age 12 and a little sister age 6.

And me Lillyne, age 10. I have three dogs Hodo, Steven, and Luna.

I remember when I was little at school, we made something for the people who were in the military. I made something to thank my Dad for being in the military. When we were wondering where to move we were going to go to Germany but Korea had an opening before Germany did. So we ended up moving to Korea. That is basically how my life has been while being a military kid.

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