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Lillyne -Humphreys Middle School-Humphreys, Korea

Lillyne Weber

Humphreys, Korea

The Month of the Military child

I'm a Military child, I have 3 siblings and I am a middle child, I also have three dogs. I have lived in Augusta,Georgia for seven years and then moved to Kora and have lived here for about 3 years now. Here in Korea it's hard to find a big house because we have four kids and my grandpa lives with us so we need a house that has at least six bedrooms and has a decent size yard for the dogs. I don't know too much but my dad used to serve in the military and he has shown us his uniform before, and told us stories about it too. I haven't lived in many places but I have visited many places before like Washington,Atlanta,Japan, Tokyo,busan,seoul, Jeju, these were some of the places i have visited before. I don't move a lot but here in Korea I have moved to three different houses while I have lived here. I dont move to different places but I have heard that some people move at least every two years which I feel like that's a lot and might be too much for me at least. I think it's much harder for my family to travel because of our dogs so when moving places we have to make sure the houses have a good yard and a pet friendly area. That's how I feel about being a military child.

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