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Malia-Humphreys Middle School-Humphreys, Korea

Malia Jaylene Gallardo

Humphreys, Korea

Hello! I’m Malia, and my military life has been easy! When I was born, me and my family were in Las Vegas, Nevada. After 5 months, I moved to Korea for 4 years. Honestly, I don’t remember much from the experience. Something I remember is when my little sister was born while I was there. After 4 years of being in Korea, I went back to Nevada. I stayed there for another 4 years, I remember a lot of it because I mostly grew up there and started school. During those 4 years, it was amazing because I got to see my family and go to many places such as Legoland, Cowabunga Bay, Glow-Zone, and many more! When I was about 8 years old I moved back to Korea for probably 5 years.

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