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Mason-Lester Middle School-Okinawa, Japan

Mason Masteller

Okinawa, Japan

I know where my home is because it is where I feel happiest. Where I’m comfortable, relaxed, and satisfied. That place to me is New Bern, North Carolina. I had three amazing and loving dogs, Roxy, Daisy, and Sidnea, and I loved them with all of my heart. I had fish that were very cute. I had amazing friends that lived down the street. My school was down the road and the teachers were very kind and I learned a lot. I had great friends there too. My house was relatively big with one main floor and an upstairs, it was very cozy. We had a pretty big backyard in which we could do many activities. My room was decently big full of books, toys, and my ps4. I also have an amazing family, so it was ten times better. We lived close to where I played soccer, and by the soccer fields though there was a huge park where we played frequently. In New Bern everyone was kind and caring. There was a giant downtown area where I went to church, had delicious food, walked around, ate ice cream, and overall enjoyed myself. A bit farther and we came to a big area that had a Walmart, Lowes, a decent mall, Chick fil a, and a few gas stations and restaurants. We didn’t have Olive garden in New Bern but we did have it close by and it was the BEST. There were docks by the downtown area where we sometimes watched the sunset, parading boats covered in different colored lights, and fed a whole lot of ducks. But overall North Carolina made me, me. However, when I moved we left the dogs, the house, most of our stuff, friends, school, and a bit of my happiness.

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