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Michael-Kinser Elementary School-Okinawa, Japan

Michael Huddleston

Okinawa, Japan


Hi, my name is Michael, and I will tell you about what I have done as a military and what it means to be a military child. First, I went to three places. The first place was North Carolina. Second, I went to New Hampshire and now I'm in Okinawa. Being a military child is that you move to new places.

I'm now going to tell you about who my friends were at the three places I went to first, I don’t remember who my friends were in North Carolina, my second, place was New Hampshire I had some friends there my first friend was Max he loved playing soccer my next friend is Jordan we were good friends my next place is Okinawa my friends are all my classmates. You make a lot of new friends when you move to new places.

The flower of a military child is the dandelion because they fly in the air and land in a new place, and they are strong because being a military child you lose a lot of friends, but you make new ones each new place you go to.

You see new faces; you travel to places you have never seen before, and you get to see new faces and everything. It's amazing being a military child. That’s what it means to be a military child.

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