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Misha-Seoul American Elementary School-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

With my dad in the military, we go to different places like South Korea. It's pretty fun to go to different places with new people and cultures. We have to move soon again but its not that bad, you just have to adjust to moving. I like moving because it is like starting over and that's fun. The best country I’ve ever been to is Germany because my grandparents are there so it’s more fun.

There are some bad things about moving too, like paranoia. I get some about not finding friends, also from getting robbed. Another bad paranoia is thinking people might not like me. I would lose most of my friends that I have known for at least 2 years.

There are still some good things about moving, like having new experiences in different places. Sometimes I’m even happy I moved away from places. I like being a military child because I can go to many places to live. When I moved to South Korea I could go to many other countries because they are not far from Seoul. So far places I have gone to in Asia are Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea.

My experiences were very cool in Seoul. My favorite #1 part was going to Everland. It is the best theme park in Seoul! My second favorite thing was going to Thailand and Hong Kong because they are not too far from South Korea. Last but not least, is Lotte World. I like it because on Mondays through Wednesdays it is empty, so you can ride a lot more rides.

Living in Seoul is a cool experience but I can’t live there forever because we need to move. I have been living in Seoul since May 1, 2017, and on June 1, 2019, I’m leaving for America. I want to stay because I got too used to being and living here that I don’t want to move. I never went to Japan even though I wanted to go but I think we did not have time.

I love traveling because I can tell more stories about my adventures. So when I talk about it I can make my stories sound like an epic adventure. It's really fun being a military child even though there are some bad things or sad things but there can still be great things. This is my thoughts about what it's like to be a military child.

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